Intuition- Your guide to a prosperous future 26/05/13

Intuition- Your guide to a prosperous future- Written by Helga Marin

Have you ever entered a place and felt extremely uncomfortable without knowing why, or have you ever met someone who gave you the creeps for no particular reason?

There are many situations where you may experience an unknown feeling that is beyond logical explanation, situations where your gut feeling and the rational mind speak the opposite and you experience an internal conflict.

This may happen in a business setting where you need to take a decision with regards to an important business deal or on the job when you choose people to work with. It can also happen in a situation where your gut feeling tells you not to trust someone, not to go somewhere, or the opposite, to go somewhere, to do something or to call someone.

Examples of intuition are many – be it at work or in other settings, sometimes you may ignore or miss out on the powerful messages that come from your intuition. I?m sure you have experienced a situation where you chose to follow your rational mind rather than your intuition only to find out later that you should have listened to your gut feeling.

It?s not easy to completely let go and just listen to your gut feeling about what to do, where to go and who to spend time with but it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and therefore, I have chosen to share my experiences with you in this article.

Theory of Intuition

Albert Einstein said? ?intuition is nothing but the outcome of earlier intellectual experience?.? Others have stated that your intuition comes from your DNA and yet others view the intuition as the voice of your higher self or the voice of god. Wayne Dyer says that if you talk to god through prayers, god talks to you through your intuition.

I personally am mostly fascinated with quantum physicians? theories that state that we are all connected through a unified field and we all contribute to one universal consciousness. David Hawkins uses a nice metaphor in his book, Power Verses Force, to describe how we human beings are connected to this unified field. He compares human beings to computers and says if a computer has solely to rely on the information stored on the hard disc it is limited to the amount of information stored there. If the computer on the other hand connects to the internet it has access to an endless flow of information. If human beings are like computers it is through connecting to the unified field we get access to new ideas and inspiration.

Our intuition is part of the whole picture as I believe it is through our intuition we receive information that is beyond the information we have stored in the subconscious mind and we can also, through our intuition, read the energy of people and places. Our intuition is then our natural intelligence that stretches far beyond the brain and the information we keep stored there. I believe connecting to this natural intelligence is our best bet for living a fulfilled and happy life.


Influenced by unified consciousness

David Hawkins continues explaining how we are not only connected to the unified field but how each one of us is constantly influencing that field of unified consciousness with our thoughts and our emotions. Depending on the thoughts we think we give out different energy/vibration. The higher the vibration the closer we are to god consciousness. The closer we are to god consciousness the more we are in tune with our intuition and the stronger the connection to higher powers and to the unified field. Examples of human beings that have reached high levels of consciousness are; Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Buddha and Gandhi. Jesus Christ and Mohammed are, according to David Hawkins, the only 2 human beings who have reached the highest level of god consciousness.

So if we are all born with this natural intelligence how come so many of us choose to ignore that inner voice? It usually happens as we grow older, through our social beliefs and values slowly our mind takes over and we lose sight of the importance of tuning into the intuition or our inner voice for guidance.

My personal experience

5 years ago I was walking on the beach trying to revive my mood. I was pretty upset with myself as I had failed following through on my business plan once again.. ?Years ago I learned goal setting strategies and mind mapping, which I have now been teaching for many years. In fact I have been teaching my clients that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This way of planning ahead has helped me achieve goals in every area of my life except my business. Why didn?t it work in this one area of my life? At that moment in time I didn?t know but today I understand that my plan was never realistic, wasn?t exciting enough and didn?t allow room for inspiration.

This particular day while I was walking on the beach I listened to Wayne Dyer, like I had done so many times before for so many years. Listening to him always clears my mind and makes me feel connected to this higher place I described earlier. I heard him talk about how you should live in the moment, let go of your plans and just let your intuition guide you to the next step into your future. He didn?t say ?let go of your dreams?, his message was clear to me?? it was ?Create a vision of what you want and then let go and let God play His wonderful role?.

I understood that the message was to hold on to my dream and then let the universe work with me to open doors and take me in the right direction.. I didn?t have to know how I was going to make my dreams come true, I didn?t need a plan on how to get there, I just needed to be open to opportunities and listen to my inner voice on what to do next. Even though I had heard him talk about this so many times, the idea of letting go of my well prepared action plan for my business terrified me.

This day I took a decision, I decided to toss my plan of action on how to achieve my business goals and just listen to my inner voice and let it guide me to the next step. It was like a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt free, inspired and ready to leave my destiny in the hands of a higher power, I decided let go and let GOD.

It took a few days before anything happened and I started to wonder if this was really going to work or if I had to pull my plan back out of the garbage, tape it together and stick it back on my fridge. Then I got my first idea and it was to send out mass emails offering companies a free seminar. I faced a small obstacle when I realized that I didn?t have email lists to send the emails to. The universe had its way of bringing that to me shortly after and I sent out my first email shot to 2000 companies. The response was overwhelming and I booked one seminar after another for companies here in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi.

Summer came and I flew to Iceland on a holiday, just like I had done every year since I moved to Dubai. For a few years I had been thinking about how I could do business in Iceland as I wanted to spend more time with my family but until this summer I hadn?t had any ideas of what I could do. Tuning into my inner voice, which guided me once again, ?I got ione idea after another about how to start my Icelandic business. It has now given me the chance to spend almost half of the year in Iceland as my business there has grown steadily for the last 5 years.

Last summer, I went to Iceland earlier thean usual as I was planning to visit South Africa during the month of September. I was aware that I might face challenges getting speaking opportunities as companies don?t usually run workshops during the summer months but I decided to trust that something would come my way. For almost 3 weeks nothing happened until one day I was walking with my sister and she asked if I could put together a weight loss course as she wanted to get motivated to lose some weight. I loved the idea, sent out emails to my client list and filled the course in no time. This was a great success and kept me extremely busy until I left for South Africa.

My last example happened a few months ago when I went to Iceland to spend Christmas with my family. I decided that I wanted to spend at least 3 months there this time and just like before I decided to trust my inner voice to guide me towards new business opportunities. I had spent 2 weeks in Iceland when one day while I was exercising I got this message (idea) to call a yoga teacher called Gudni. This yoga teacher is pretty well known both in Iceland and in the USA for his spiritual teaching and his unique self made yoga methods.

I had no idea why I was supposed to contact him but decided to follow the voice that insisted on me going to see him. I made an appointment and a few days later I went to see him. It didn?t surprise him a bit when I explained to him that I had no idea why I wanted to meet him, it was my inner voice that had insisted on it.

I continued explaining to him how I had let my intuition guide me for the last few years, even when it made no sense to me. We started talking, sharing ideas and for a whole hour I had no idea why I was there. It was only when I was about to leave that the idea hit me. Full of excitement I shared my idea with him and he loved it. The idea was to create a day together with few other well known speakers where we would inspire people to embark on the path of health and wellbeing in the New Year. Together we evolved my idea and turned it into a charity event.

I got 4 well known speakers to join us and within just few hours of sending out emails the event was full. ?We decided to repeat it one more time as we had so many people on a waiting list. Hundreds of people came to this event and we could easily have doubled the number if we had rented a bigger location and advertised it. It gave all of us opportunity to present ourselves to this large group of people and it was also the beginning of a nice collaboration between the 5 of us. This event opened doors for me to other speaking opportunities and I was fully booked for the coming 2 months, with seminars and workshops.

The above examples are only few of many. As it made me 10 times more productive and successful in my business I started allowing this inner voice to guide me in all areas of my life. I now let this inner voice tell me how to exercise, what to eat, who to meet, who to date, where to go on holidays and how to fulfill all my dreams. I still make some plans but my plan is always flexible and there is always room for inspiration.

Understand the inner voice command

It does take some practice to know whether the voice comes from your intuition or your head. Here are some simple steps to determine where the voice comes from:

Ideas that come from your intuition:

  1. Brings you peace
  2. Re-enters your mind again and again
  3. Makes you feel excited
  4. You have an inner knowing that it is the right thing to do
  5. You feel compelled to follow the idea even though it doesn?t make sense


I have come to realize that tuning into this inner voice takes more than just practice. My observation is that I need to raise my level of consciousness to feel connected or inspired (in spirit). Your level of consciousness is highly affected by your thoughts and your emotions, which in turn affects your attitude, your beliefs and your values. When I feel down, hopeless or frustrated I have noticed that all doors to new opportunities close and my mind shuts out all the new and exciting ideas.


When I, on the other hand, feel inspired, optimistic and happy, opportunities and new ideas show up without any effort from my side. It is therefore crucial to practice raising your level of consciousness with positive thinking and a positive attitude. The four fundamental emotions that vibrate at the highest level are the feelings of peace, joy, happiness and gratitude. Practicing getting into these four emotional states on a daily basis does not only help you to feel better but will open the gate and allow pure abundance and wellbeing to flow into your life.


Raise your level of consciousness?

  1. Become conscious of any negative thoughts entering your mind and learn how to turn them around to more constructive and positive thoughts.
  2. Eat a healthy nutritious diet that allows the flow of energy through your body
  3. Listen to music that touches you emotionally
  4. Keep your home environment tidy and organize your home in line with the principles of Feng Shui (allowing the free flow of energy)
  5. Spend at least an hour or more every day in nature, either by the sea, in the mountains or in a forest
  6. Avoid spending time in an environment where there is loud music, drugs and alcohol.
  7. Extend an act of kindness every day. Find opportunities to be kind to someone every single day.
  8. Use positive affirmations that empower you and are in line with who you want to become
  9. Use visualization to connect to universal powers
  10. Let go of your ego dominance. I am what I have, my reputation, my education, my accomplishments, my job and my role in society. You can choose to be a hostage of your ego or a host to God.
Written by: Helga Marin
Edited by: Hina Navin
Independent Writer/designer
Mob: 050 8804899


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