Health, Mind & Body (HMB) is a health and wellness company co-founded by Helga Marin B. and Ahmed Abbas.

Helga has worked with companies and organizations both in Europe and in UAE with her mission being to transform people?s lives by improving not just their health but also their general well being. ?In Dubai, ?Health, Mind & Body? was opened to much acclaim after previously working 7 years in conjunction with the GMC associated clinic.

The founder of the successful weight loss program called, ?8 Weeks to a New You? Helga developed special ?Health, Mind and Body? programs that promote both physical and mental health through nutrition education, NLP/behavior modification and exercises.

With her charisma and positive attitudes Helga inspires people to create positive changes in their lives that not only enhances their productivity level at work but also helps creating more positive working environment. In Iceland Helga is known for her work with organizations that support people who have been made redundant. She states that understanding and learning to use the power of the mind is the key to overcome all life challenges. She also states that by tapping into your personal power you have the ability to make your dreams become a recognizable reality.

Helga is well known and respected in the industry sector and her many articles sharing her expertise and insights have been published in over 30 different magazines and newspapers throughout the UAE and Iceland.? Some of her articles can be viewed on her website www.healthmindbody.net under the following links:


With her natural distinct vivacious Icelandic style and energy, her radio and TV interviews are truly memorable and in 2010 she became part of the Dubai TV Campaign to promote the ?true? lifestyle of Dubai – ?This is Dubai? http://healthmindbody.net/index.php

With her impeccable credentials Helga was the perfect candidate to be chosen as one of four speakers to take part in a highly successful conference that took place at Sheikh Zayed University in 2010. The goal with the conference was to find ways to bridge and improve the communication gap between locals and expatriates.

Even with her busy schedule? she receives a great deal of attention from the media, both press and radio, helping to spread the word about ?Health Mind & Body? Her seminar and workshop have gained much acclaim for their exciting programme content.

During last year 2011-2012 Helga conducted over 100 workshops and seminars for both companies and organizations. In UAE Helga has worked with The National Bank of Abu Dhabi, The Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, The Chamber of commerce in Dubai, Mubadala, Abu Dhabi Finance, Dubai Petroleum and many other companies who all embraced the opportunity to get their employees inspired. In Iceland Helga has worked with both local and international companies like Actavis, Vodafone etc. She has also worked with the biggest hospital in Iceland (Landspitalinn) and an organization that supports cancer patients during their course of treatment. Known by many as the ?Butterfly from Dubai? Helga floats in and out to inspire people from all over the world. Her spirit touches to achieve more then they believed was ever possible.

Helga has the expertise to put people on the right path to perfect health in body and mind.

So to find out more, please contact Helga at:

Website: www.healthmindbody.net
Tel Dubai: +971 505518482
Tel Iceland: +354 8458174
Tel London: -44 7530724869



Ahmed Abbas?s Biography?(about the lecturer)

Title & Qualifications:
University degree in Physical Therapy (PTA)
Master in Fitness Sciences (MFS)
Specialist in Strength & conditioning (SSC)
Specialist in Sports nutrition (SSN)
Specialist in Exercise therapy (SET)
Specialist in Fitness nutrition (SFN)
Specialist in Fitness for older adults (SFOA)
Youth fitness trainer (YFT)
Certified Fitness trainer (CFT)
Harvard certificate in musclo-skeletal/specialty practice-med.
Certified rehab tape practitioner (sweeden).

Ahmed is the official representative and the ISSA course director in the UAE, KSA, Jordan, Iceland, Hungary, Philippines & Serbia since 1996 to date. He received a university degree in physical therapy and has a Master certificate in fitness sciences. He lived and worked in Iceland for six years promoting& teaching the ISSA courses (1996-2000). Ahmed also served as a consultant for the Icelandic handball national team. After six years serving the sport community in Iceland, he decided it was time for a change of scenery (and weather) and moved to sunny Dubai, UAE where he runs and teaches the ISSA courses from 2000 to date. He also served as the strength & conditioning coach for Alwasl Club (Men?s Basketball 1st division). To satisfy his passion for writing Ahmed had a weekly column in Khaleej times where he wrote and published hundreds of articles on Health & fitness, he also wrote and published many articles in magazines such as Connector, beauty & style and Aquarius. He also appeared in many TV programs (MBC and Dubai TV).

Ahmed helped thousands of people from all walks of life to achieve optimum health and achieve fitness goals since 1994 in France, Iceland and Dubai.

In his sports competition years Ahmed was a main player in Alexandria Sporting club swimming (100 meters freestyle) & Karate team, where he participated in many national championships in these two sports. He was also competing in the main fitness team for the Egyptian Navy where he held many records.

So to find out more, please contact Ahmed?at:

Website: www.healthmindbody.net
Tel Dubai: +971 505140859